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This limited edition course has sold out
Introducing the LIMITED EDITION...
Photoshop 201
the Advanced Editing Toolkit for Landscape Photographers
This course launches with a set of video lessons that walk you through how to use some of Photoshop's latest and greatest new features in ways they weren't necessarily designed for (but should have been).

Plus you'll learn a bunch more tips and techniques for making the very best of your images in ways you probably haven't thought of before.

This is a growing collection of editing tips and tricks that push beyond the basics of the Photoshop 101 course (which gives you the "tour" of photoshops various tools and features) and propels you towards learning how to squeeze and coerce those tools and features in new and unique ways to get the results you want for your landscape photography.
Here's what's included:
This course includes over 2+ hours of video lessons that teach you:

The "isolate then adjust" technique - discover anunconventional way to make localised adjustments (eg. colour correction) to specific areas without them being influenced by other light, dark, or discoloured parts of the scene

How to create and use depth maps in your layer masking. Depth in landscape images is important, and elements at different distances often require different treatment depending on your vision for the finished image.

Learn how to create a depth map that can be used as a layer mask on your adjustments so you can easily and automatically affect foreground elements to higher or lower degrees than background elements (and vice versa).

How to "borrow" the most useful part of Photoshop's Sky Replacement tool. It's pretty clever, but it isn't the complete package when it comes to believably blending a sky from one shot into another. But there's one underlying feature within it that is really useful, and which you can steal to use in your own wicked ways!

How to "finish the job" that Photoshop's sky replacement tool attempts to start. This feature is pretty good at what it does. But it doesn't do the full job of blending a new sky into an image. There's a fair bit more that goes into a believable blend than just copy/pasting the sky, masking it in, and roughly matching colour. Here you're learning how to take over from where Photoshop leaves off to complete the job

How to fix a blurry sun star. Not every lens in every situation can produce a nice clean and sharp sun star. Sometimes through no fault of our own we're left with nothing more than a blurry suggestion of where a good looking sun star should be. Luckily, there are some techniques we can use to rescue these sun blobs and transform them into the star of the image (pun intended!)

End to end image editing walkthrough. See many of the techniques shown in the previous sections come together in a full editing walkthrough video demonstration.

Special PREMIUM Bonus #1: 

Choose the premium option and receive highlights (an additional 2hr 45m videos) from 4 of Steve's members-only Live Zoom sessions demonstrating more unique ways to enhance your landsacape scenes:

In these premium videos, discover:

5 tips and techniques for finessing your landscapes to put the finishing touches on your masterpieces!

The editing mistakes to look out for before you save and export your finished images (these can sneak up on you and easily go undetected until it's too late!)

How to analyse the histogram to uncover opportunities to make your images pop even more

A weird clone-stamp technique you can use to "borrow" other parts of your image to repair overexposed colours naturally

LOTS more (naturally!)

Special PREMIUM Bonus #2:

The "Layer Masking Toolkit" Course

This course was originally released way back in 2014, but as with the vast majority of the techniques and methods I teach, what you'll learn in this 8+ year old course is still just as relevant today as it was back then.
Here's an overview of what's included across the 2+hrs of additional video lessons:

In Video #1 - I’m walking you through the exact end-to-end steps showing you how to isolate a tree from it’s background, even with all those complicated leaves and branches in the way. Then you’ll discover how to completely replace the sky behind the tree, with one from another shot.

Not only that, but you can use these same methods to edit a tree OR the sky separately. Let’s say you want to make the sky darker without affecting the tree, or you want to add contrast to the tree without affecting the sky… This lesson shows you how...
In Video #2 we will take the skills you picked up in video #1 and turn them up a notch!

You’ll learn how to create similar types of selections, but in images where the sky is far more complicated.

The techniques you pick up in this video are universal. You can use them to not only isolate trees and replace skies, these methods work for all kinds of other difficult selections and isolations… (Think strands of hair in a portrait shot).
Video #3 - This is where I'm showing you how to make the Pen tool actually useful in your landscape photo editing. In fact, what I show you in this video is a technique that makes the Pen tool the hero that saves the day when no other method of creating a selection will work!
In Video #4 I’m showing you my favourite “back-door” trick that gives Photoshops magic wand selection tool a helping hand to create selections that are actually USEFUL when editing your Landscapes!
In Video #5 You get to take a good look inside my own personal bag of tricks that will teach you how to tidy up and clean your layer masks to make them as accurate and effective as possible

Special PREMIUM Bonus #3:

REAL WORLD Uses for Generative Fill 

This PREMIUM Bonus gives you access to 1 hour of additional tutorial videos from the June issue of PMC Insiders, which give you the best (and only REAL) way to use Generative Fill in Photoshop.

Most examples of this feature that you've seen online show how cool it is that you can add an artifically generated lighthouse to a photo that never had a lighthouse in it... Or how to create some other weird kind of composite that whilst incredibly clever, isn't anything any of us are really going to do.

So in these bonus videos I've made it a priority to show you the best way to get the most out of Generative fill in a way that you're actually going to use, and that can really benefit your photography.

"The upside is huge, with virtually no downside. If your landscape photos aren't imbued with a sudden WOW factor as a result of taking this course, all that happens is you get your money back and you're 60 days older."

Get on the Waiting List
This limited edition course has sold out
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  • Photoshop 201 Course
  • Main course includes: 2+ Hrs video to stream & download
  • Exercise Files: Download RAW/PSD Files
  • Bonus #1: Live Session Highlights (Value $27)
  • Bonus #2: Layer Masking Toolkit (Value $47)
  • Bonus #3: Real-World Generative Fill (Value $27)
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