"How To Get To Grips With The Most Useful Parts Of Photoshop For Landscape Photographers"

Introducing The Photoshop 101 Video Course...

If you’re feeling overwhelmed by the sheer size and number of all the options available in Photoshop and you are wondering were on earth to start learning...

Or if you’ve already set off on your photoshop journey but feel like you’ve skipped over some potentially key stuff...

Or you just want to learn all of the important tools and concepts that I think will help you the most if you’re just getting started with Photoshop and are keen to hit the ground running...

Then secure your copy of my comprehensive Photoshop 101 course now, or continue reading to find out more about what’s inside.

What's in the Photoshop 101 course?

By now you’ve seen plenty of my video tutorials already, so you know that we always go at an easy-going, easy to understand pace.

The course is divided into 4 main chapters - here’s a taste of what you can expect to learn over the course of more than 5 hours of videos:

Chapter 1
Photoshops most important “blend modes” which open up a whole new way of blending layers and adjustment layers for creative effects
Get the lowdown on Photoshops main image adjustments and how each one affects your photos in different ways so that you can pick the right tool for the job
Find out how “filters” work in photoshop and how to use them properly in a non-destructive workflow.
The pros and cons of the various image file formats so that you retain as much “data” in your image files as possible when importing AND saving your photos in and out of Photoshop for the highest quality image every time
What a “colour space” is and why choosing the right one in Photoshop’s settings is critical if you want to avoid the colours looking wrong when you put your photos online or print them
Chapter 2
How to use the various selection tools Photoshop has to offer so that you can copy, cut, paste and mask parts of your image accurately
Understand the basics of the sampling, brush, paint bucket and gradient tools
How to use the clone stamp tool to remove objects from your photos
Save time with the spot healing brush tool for a quick and easy alternative to the clone tool for small tasks
The difference between the healing brush tool and the clone tool - and when to use each one for the best results when cloning
How to seamlessly copy and blend objects from one part of your image to another easily with the Patch tool so that you don’t have to spend time “fixing the edges” of a regular clone tool job
How to use (and fine tune) the "content aware move” tool and tap into some of Photoshops cleverest functionality
How to use the dodge and burn tools to effectively alter how people view your shot and where they look first
Chapter 3
How to use the levels and curves adjustment layers to fine tune and tweak the colour and contrast in your images to make them pop
How to use the vibrance, hue/saturation and colour balance adjustment layers for realistic or creative effects
How to use the black and white adjustment layer to create great-looking black and white conversions PLUS a cool way to use the black-and-white layer to adjust your colour images
Find out which of the adjustment layers you DON’T need to waste your time on
Chapter 4
Get an in-depth look at the most interesting and useful of Photoshop’s filters in the filter menu
Learn how to use the filters in Photoshop’s “blur gallery” so that you can create all kinds of different effects, from realistic depth of field style blurring, to pseudo-tilt-shift effects and more
Find out which of the sharpening filters I recommend using for your finished images to give the best and most eye-popping results.
Learn how to use the High Pass filter to increase detail in selective parts of your photos without affecting the rest.
How to retain ultimate control when fixing lens distortion in your photos using the “adaptive wide angle” filter (great also for fixing badly distorted stitched panoramic images)
Learn my favourite way of applying noise reduction to photos for smoothest results
"Chapter Zero"

There’s also “Chapter Zero”, which is what sparked the idea for this whole course in the first place.

You can watch this entire chapter zero video here to get a great idea of the kind of pace and level at which the rest of the videos are going:

If you like Chapter Zero - you'll probably REALLY like the full course!
Over 5 Hours of Video Content Included!

I totalled up the amount of video that’s available in the course and was shocked when I realised it came to over FIVE HOURS of video content!

I knew I was putting a lot of detail into this material and covering a lot of ground, but I didn’t realise that it would become my largest ever Photoshop course!

Then again - it does include pretty much everything that I think every beginner or intermediate level photographer should know about the fundamental concepts and tools available in Photoshop today, so that you can confidently move on and tackle the more specialised techniques with confidence. So I guess it was destined to be pretty big!

My promise to you

After you’ve been through and watched all of my Photoshop 101 videos, had your questions answered in the members’ area, and let all the glorious new information soak in…

If at the end of the day if you’re not feeling 10x more confident in your abilities to put Photoshop to work and create better-looking photos than ever before (which is all we really want, right?) - then just let me know within one year’s time and I’ll personally rush you a full refund for everything you’ve invested in this course… AND of course you get to keep all the videos as my gift to you for trusting me with your Photoshop education

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  4. Put all these newly-learned and transformational skills to use and see the difference it makes to your landscape images 
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