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Wednesday November 1st, 2023
"Unleash Your Creative Freedom With The Editing Techniques That Give You The Power To Bend Photographic Reality To Your Every Will And Desire In Photoshop"
Introducing the...
Ultimate Photographers Guide To Creating Stunning Composites In Photoshop
Composite Landscapes Lift-Off!

The 21 day Composite Landscapes Lift-Off is a companion to my Next Level Composite Landscapes course to help you learn these advances image compositing techniques in a way that actually sticks - no matter your current level!
First off, this is not your usual type of online course.

It is NOT an "information dump" that leaves you daunted by how much learning is staring you in the face.

In fact, it's deliberately designed to make it feel easy by simplifying the learning process with easy, manageable chunks.

The Lift-Off is designed to work alongside my comprehensive "Next Level Composite Landscapes" course so you can take it on in manageable bitesize chunks to make certain everything is sinking in.

The main course is broken down into 21 daily steps...

Each of these 21 steps has its key points extracted and summarised in an easy to understand way, and these summaries are delivered to you once a day for 21 days.

By taking in each of the daily steps you'll be fully prepared to take on that days main lesson from the Next Level Composite Landscapes course.

And each day will include a specific goal to achieve by completing the day's lesson - i.e. you won't just be watching videos passively and forgetting them 10 minutes later.

The Lift-Off format is all about the practice.

Because it's good to understand something in theory… But it's hard to become fluent without practice.

And without daily practice, you have a problem with "information-decay".

That's why every day you'll be learning a little, doing a little.

Piece by piece, each day building on the last as you walk the path to mastery one step at a time. Never once feeling like it's all becoming too much or too complicated.

The daily steps are delivered in a brand new forum specifically for this Lift-Off, where you'll get my full support and ask me questions directly and get my replies daily for the duration of the lift-off.

The Lift-Off begins on Wednesday 1st of November 2023 when you'll receive your first daily set of tasks and content via the private forum.

You'll then receive daily tasks and content for a total of 21 days.

Each day you can ask me your questions, provide "homework" (if you choose to take part in those assignments!) and get my full support via the forum where I'll be logging in multiple times daily.

You'll receive access to the full Next Level Composite Landscapes course content immediately after you sign up, so you can browse through the videos before we start to get familiar with it in preparation if you want.

(If you already own the Next Level Composite Landscapes course, you do NOT need to purchase this Lift-Off separately, you'll automatically gain access with your previous purchase)
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In A Nutshell...
The Composite Landscapes Lift-Off is designed to make everything in the Next Level Composite Landscapes course easy and simple to digest so you can feel confident that this new knowledge will stick, for good, and you can start to produce stunning and creative composite landscape images that you're proud to share.
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Learn These Powerful Compositing Techniques And Concepts To Unlock Your "Inner Creative"
How to pre-visualise your finished composite landscape before you invest valuable editing time on images that just won't work. There's nothing worse than spending ages perfectly masking an element into your image only to realise down the track that the composition doesn't work. When you follow my best practices and workflow for composite landscapes, you'll know with 100% certainty that a composition will work BEFORE you spend time meticulously masking each element into the scene.
Discover how to effectively re-light composited elements so that the light AND shadows behave correctly as if it were part of the original scene. Get this part wrong, and it creates one of those tell-tale giveaways that "something's not right" about your composite!
Learn the entire end to end process for creating a completely new landscape from scratch. From sketching and blocking out ideas and compositions, to putting the finishing blending touches to your entirely fabricated "fantasy" landscape, you'll have what it takes to turn out entirely unique images at will. (Don't worry, you don't have to be able to draw or have any kind of artistic background for this to work!)
The one thing you must do right at the start that makes the rest of the compositing process so much simpler. The entire look and feel of your finished composite landscape will depend on this ONE decision you make right at the beginning.
Discover the concept that is the glue that holds your entire composite landscape together. Understand this and know how to implement it in your composites, and you have the key that unlocks ultimate depth and realism.
The rules of light and shadow that you need to follow if you want your composite landscape to appear realistic and believable. The common advice to "make sure the light is coming from the same direction in all your elements" is valuable advice, but there's a lot more to creating cohesive lighting in your composite landscapes than this alone. Learn the subtle intricacies that will set your results apart.
How to create depth in your landscapes with effective use of layering. Did you know you can push an element back or pull it to the front of your scene without changing it's actual position or size? This is how you can de-clutter an otherwise busy composite and set your elements apart on the Z axis.
How to perfectly cut out, mask, and clean the edges of elements so you can cleanly paste them into your composite landscape. Creating fantastic composites often requires a lot of GREAT masking and cutting out, but not every method is best in every situation. Learn a suite of techniques and tips that provide you with the tools you need to create clean, crisp cut-outs every time (and then how to treat those perfect edges to stop them looking digitally cut out!)
The smart way to use smart objects that simplifies the whole process of cutting out and masking in each element into your composite landscape (and I'm not just talking about being able to alter smart filters, which is what smart objects are usually used for 99% of the time).
The simple technique for blending elements into a scene that seems so easy it feels like cheating!
How to stay organised when creating composite landscapes so you can be efficient with your time and energy when layers and adjustments start to pile up!
How to accurately match colours when bringing numerous elements from different photos into your composite landscape so they actually look like they are part of the scene. 
How to create completely new elements from simple cut-outs and textures from other images with clever use of Photoshops Transform tools and effective colour matching and lighting effects
Practice What You're Learning With A Host Of Exercises Designed To Help Cement These Techniques And Strategies In Your Mind
Learn and practice how to go from this: 
To this:
Practice Manipulating Light And Shadow
In this exercise, see how the seemingly simple task of enlarging a rock affects the light and shadow that is cast upon it and the other rocks. There are lots of "rules" at play here - can you spot them all in the screenshots below?
See How The Sausage Is Made With Step By Step Breakdowns Of The Full Process Across A Number Of Example Composite Landscapes
"The Island" Walkthrough
From basic sketch to finished image, see the entire process step by step showing how I created "The Island" from scratch, bringing together a handful of source images to create this image: 

The Island was created from these three source images. You can download them all and follow along step by step! 

"Rockland" Walkthrough
Here's what my creatively titled image "rockland" looked like after masking all the elements into the scene and arranging the composition. Scroll down to see the finished blended image...
And here's the finished version of "rockland" after tying all the elements together through creative control of colour, lighting, depth, and more.
This is just one of the examples I'm walking you through to show exactly how it was made (and you can download the PSD file too!)
Austinmer Headland Composite Walkthrough
Here's another example I'm showing you under the hood in Photoshop. Starting out with blending two images to create the bulk of the composition then bringing in a new sky from another scene, here are the two main components of the scene: 
And here's the blended composite with the new sky and more applied: 
Unnamed Image Composite Walkthrough
Ok, I never claimed to be creative when it comes to naming my images! And I don't claim that I can help you with naming yours :-) But this course will help you create awesome composite landscapes!
This is one I made just for the fun of experimenting and seeing what's possible.
In this walkthrough I show you exactly how I brought together a number of elements from various photos to create the finished result below:
And just out of interest, here is the image I started with when creating the above.


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