Landscape Editing Masterclass
Here's how it works:

The masterclass consists of 12 in-depth and detailed modules.

Each module features the complete end to end process of developing a brand new image in Photoshop.

These modules will be more in depth than my regular end-to-end processing walkthroughs.

There is a Beginner and Advanced track for each stage of the processing workflow, where appropriate. 

For example, when it comes to Exposure Blending, there'll be a beginner-level, and an advanced-level lesson for the SAME image.

This ensures that no matter what level you're currently at, you can still follow along and work through every module.

There will also be branches off of the main processing track that take a more "creative" approach (perhaps swapping skies, or processing for a more artistic finished image), and those that take a more "realistic" route.

Supporting material in addition to the walkthroughs so you can be up to speed with anything you will need to know in order to follow along with the modules.

The goal of this Masterclass is to fully immerse you in my entire process for editing landscapes. No matter what level you are starting at, by the end of the 12th module you'll be expertly using the same techniques and processes for creating stunning results in Photoshop.

Here's how the Masterclass is delivered
All 12 modules are unlocked and waiting for you to download or stream from the members area. You can pick and choose which order to work through them, but I strongly recommend starting at the start and working through in order because later modules build on what you learn in the earlier ones.

Here's a brief summary of whats included:

  • Each module focuses on the end to end processing of a new image
  • Separate tracks for beginners and advanced users on the same image 
  • Each module has a creative supplement that goes on a creative tangent with the main image for the module
  • Pre-requisite lessons so you'll be up to speed enough to work through each module without feeling like you've missed an important technique somewhere along the way
  • All RAW files used in the lessons will be provided for you to download and use

Here's what's in Module #1
Here's a quick look at the image we are working on in module #1. Starting with 4 bracketed sunrise exposures, we blend them into a single High Dynamic Range image and progress it through my 6 Stage PS workflow to create the finished image seen here: 
Here's what's in Module #2
In this module you're learning the full end to end process blending and processing these bracketed exposures to create this finished image:
ALSO in Module #2:
In the creative section of Module 2, we take the following RAW file (taken later in the day, in worse light) and swap its sky for the sky in the main walkthrough!

Original RAW
With Sky Replaced:
Here's what's in Module #3
In Module 3 you'll learn how to take a RAW file captured on a morning with extremely flat, bland and boring light, and turn it into the following finished image with clean whites, detailed clouds and a hint of colour throughout.
Here's what's in Module #4

In this module you'll create the following colourful, glowing image from a pair of RAW files taken AFTER the best of the light in the sky had subsided.

Also - you're going to see a brand new tweak to an old-favourite technique that has the power to imbue an extra warm but subtle glow to any image.

Here's what's in Module #5

This module focuses on the tricky process of editing a photo that is already bursting with colour and contrast, without sending the whole thing overboard.

We do this by retaining the overall darker feel of original RAW file whilst subtly enhancing detail and contrast in very specific areas around the frame.

Here's what's in Module #6

In Module 6, we take the following 2 bracketed RAW files:

... and combine them in Photoshop to create a soft, glowing rendition of the sunrise scene (see below).

As well as the key exposure blending techniques to combine the two shots, you'll also see a couple of key techniques towards the end of the processing walkthrough that help to increase contrast and detail in the dark foreground rocks without making them over-contrasty and "crunchy".

Here's what's in Module #7

Module 7 focuses on how to turn a dull, greeny, muddy RAW file into the glowing finished image you see above.

Then in the Creative supplement we transform the above image into a starry night sky image by replacing the sky and blending it in with the daytime foreground.

Here's what's in Module #8

Module 8 walks you through the process of editing the following RAW file of the milky way to produce the finished image below:

Module 8: RAW File (Above)
Module 8: Finished Image (Below)
Here's what's in Module #9

Here's the finished image you'll be re-creating in Module 9, from 2 bracketed RAW files.

See how to create a faux-exposure to bridge the gap between the two actual RAW files to help make blending them easier, more gradual, and more subtle.

Then we move through the 6 stage workflow to bring the best out of the scene with colour, contrast, and a little bit of hazy light. 

Here's what's in Module #10

Here's the finished image you'll be re-creating in Module 10, from 2 extremely challenging bracketed RAW files. Take a look below:

PLUS in the creative section of this module we are using the SKY from the result of the main walkthrough to perform the following sky replacement:

Here's what's in Module #11

Module 11 will have you blending and editing a set of bracketed exposures while maintaining the dark yet colourful pre-dawn atmosphere.

Here's what's in Module #12

In this final module, you'll be working on one of my all time personal favourite images.

Starting with 3 bracketed exposures, you'll be blending and editing them to recreate this sunrise scene bursting with colour. One of the biggest challenges when editing a crazy sunrise with so much natural colour is making sure you don't completely blow those colours out with too much editing. In this module, you'll be cementing your skills on how to handle extremely colourful images like this. 

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