How To Come Home From Every Landscape Shoot with More "Keepers" Every Time
  • Without having to memorise endless camera settings or compositional guidelines...
  • Without having to be a naturally creative person...
  • And without having to rely on trial and error and getting lucky
Introducing the...
Landscape Capture Masterclass

I invite you to take a few moments to check it out for yourself. 

What I've done is make capturing amazing landscape photos as easy to achieve as possible. 

This masterclass includes virtually everything I know about what happens before you click the shutter.

So if you want to:

  • Learn my simple way of thinking about exposure that makes it easy to use your camera in Manual mode
  • Discover how to maximise depth of field in your landscapes to get the sharpest focus from front to back
  • Learn a foolproof process for finding a winning composition in any scene
And if you want to discover:
  • My simple procedure for capturing the full dynamic range of a scene with bracketed exposures
  • How to capture the magnificence of an epic landscape, and not end up disappointed because it didn't translate to the final image
  • How to dial in the perfect exposure every time without having to calculate stops
  • My system for "finding the shot" in the heat of the moment
... then you’ve found what you’re looking for.
Because not only that, you're also about to learn:
  • How to set your photos apart from the typical "tourist snaps"
  • How to capture the cleanest, sharpest, lowest noise, highest quality images possible.
  • How to handle high contrast scenes at sunrise and sunset
  • How to translate what your eye sees, to the cameras sensor
  • The single most important compositional rule that EVERY winning image needs to follow
  • How to arrange all the elements in a scene for depth and focus
  • How to move past thinking "this subject isn't good enough to shoot"
  • How to make your photos tell a story - even if you're not "creatively minded"
  • My guide to researching new locations and finding something interesting to photograph
  • All you need to know about focus, hyperfocal distance, depth of field and focus stacking to ensure razor sharp focus
  • My simple method for manually balancing the three elements of exposure (anyone can do this, even if you've never used manual mode before)
  • How focal length and lens selection can dramatically change the nature of a landscape scene
  • How to decide what to include and what to leave out of the frame for the biggest impact
  • How to be confident in your final image, before you click the shutter
  • How to identify and capture the key subject in a magnificent vista
  • How to NOT be overwhelmed trying to remember too many ideas and compositional rules when out in the field
  • How to capture powerful images with intent
This can work for you, even if...
  • You don't consider yourself a "creative type" of person
  • You never seem to find the time to learn new things
  • You've lost your photography mojo (this is the BEST way to get it back!)
  • You struggle to keep photographing the same locations over and over
  • You live in a boring part of the world for landscape photography
  • You've struggled in the past to use your camera in Manual mode
  • Focus, depth of field, and sharpness has been an issue for you
  • You feel like it's too complicated to truly master your camera
  • You feel like the pro's have some kind of magic touch that can't be learned
The Landscape Capture Masterclass Helps You Take Better Landscape Photos
The best thing about the masterclass is:
  • It's a step by step system, broken down into manageable chunks explained in easy to understand terms.
  • It contains over 7 hours of video lessons covering the entire process from learning your camera, to researching locations, to mastering the technical and creative side of compositions.
  • It grows with you, as more students ask questions and request help, new videos and articles are being added indefinitely to make this the most comprehensive course of it's kind.
Here's what some students have said about the Landscape Capture Masterclass
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I really liked the explanations for Hyperfocal Distance and DOF and your summary of why ___________ almost always works is the best non-technical way of achieving sharp images in the field. Focus Stacking and Exposure Bracketing are essential tools and your explanations and examples were excellent. Thanks
Mike Suttill
Masterclass Student
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Brilliant…explained everything so well and made easy to understand

Brian Ronan
Masterclass Student

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Brilliant explanations! I wish I had of seen these video clips when I first started taking photographs as it would have made my life a lot easier. Thanks Steve
Denise Erikson
Masterclass Student
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The Landscape Capture Masterclass could be the last photography course you ever need...
If you’re looking for the easiest way to master your camera and start taking landscape photos that you can be proud of, then you’ve probably already figured out that the Landscape Capture Masterclass is not just “an” answer… it “IS” your answer.
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