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Introducing the LIMITED EDITION...
Dynamic Landscape Editing Toolkit
Discover The Secret To Making Your Landscapes Truly POP
If you want to discover the concepts and ideas that turn a flat-looking landscape into something you feel like you could step right into, then this course is for you.
Discover the fundamental laws of light, colour, contrast, and saturation that landscape painters have used for centuries to create photo-realistic paintings.

Then see how you can apply these very same concepts to your decision-making when editing your landscapes in Photoshop to create dynamic and eye-popping results (without losing an ounce of realism and subtlety).
Here's what's included:
This course includes over 2.5+ hours of video lessons that teach you:

Learn about the relationship between light and distance and how to use it to manipulate depth in a landscape scene

Why adding the "right contrast" will make an image pop more than simply adding "more contrast"

Discover how colour warmth behaves differently between close and far distances

How to use saturation as a tool for creating separation between areas of your scene

A look at how famous landscape painters have used these concepts to produce their artworks to give them a sense of depth and realism

Experimenting with how you can sketch (from scratch) a landscape using only three shades of grey, following the rules of light laid out earlier

The relationship between light values and distance within a landscape

A simple technique for analysing the light values within your scene from front to back to discover what elements need more or less light for the ideal image-wide contrast levels

Learn the practical how-to's for applying the rules of saturation and depth for a realistic method of making elements pop

Discover how to create a "saturation mask" that allows you to adjust specific parts of your landscape based on their current saturation levels

Practical Photoshop techniques for creating separation between elements in your scene

How to push or pull those separated elements further back or forward into your scene to alter the perceived depth.

How to add atmospheric perspective to enhance distance between separated elements

A Photoshop technique/process that you can use to analyse the depth in your images to see what you need to work on next to enhance the realism and depth.

PLUS - a Photoshop Action you can download to perform this analysis in one click


Video Lessons 8-12 provide you with 6 more practical step by step examples showing how all of the rules taught in the previous videos can be applied on real images in real situations to enhance the depth and make those images POP more than ever

Solving the problem of FLAT-looking landscape photos
Let's say you've been around the block with Photoshop and amassed a collection of go-to techniques and you know how to use them all from a technical perspective, but for some reason your photos still either look completely flat, over-baked, or lacking in depth.

Whatever it is, something just doesn't sit right but you're not sure what...

Why does this happen?

Chances are it's because you know the techniques, you have a workflow, you know the HOW's

But you don't necessarily know the WHY's. 

You know there's a technique for adding some contrast here, some light and shadow over there….

But you don't know how much to use, or even the underlying reason WHY you're using it. As a result, you're often asking yourself "why does the same technique look perfect one time, and bad the next?"

It's because every scene is different. So how are you supposed to know how what adjustments to make, when, and why?

This course gives you the WHY's behind what works and what doesn't...

It teaches you the core rules of light, contrast, colour, and saturation in landscape photography so that you can dial in just the right amount of each adjustment depending on each specific scene, keep the result looking natural and not over-cooked, and make it absolutely POP by enhancing the sense of three dimensionality.

Special PREMIUM Bonus #1: 

Choose the premium option and receive highlights from Steve's members-only Live Zoom sessions containing 4 more practical techniques for enhancing depth in your landsacape scenes:

In these premium videos, discover:

A stupidly simple way to literally paint more air into the scene to increase atmospheric haze and make something look further away

A counterintuitive technique for making an object stand out in a scene, which is literally the opposite of what 99% of photographers would normally do to bring attention to it.

Learn about dividing your image in different amounts at differing "zones of depth".

How editing your colour image in black and white can help you judge what needs to be added or taken away to produce the optimal light levels and overall contrast  in a scene.

Special PREMIUM Bonus #2:

Full-Length Image Composite Walkthrough Demonstration

This walkthrough was recorded during a Live Photo Mastery Club members-only walkthrough on Zoom and it shows you how to cut out various parts of other images and composite them together into a realistic-looking fantasy mountainscape.

This end result is made possible by adhering to the rules of depth taught throughout the main part of this course.

Plus as a bonus, you'll discover some really cool compositing techniques for extracting elements from other images, masking them accurately, blending them together for colour and light to create a cohesive scene, and more. 

Special PREMIUM Bonus #3:

Personalised Feedback & Critique Videos

This exclusive bonus gives you the opportunity to submit up to three of your edited landscapes for my feedback and / or critique.
Send me your finished images for a general critique, or upload your PSD files with edits and layers included for feedback or assistance with your process and techniques.
This can be a great help if you need any help or clarification with your editing and the techniques you learn in this course.
Feedback is via personal recorded video.
Valid for 30 days after purchase.

Here's what Barry said about the video feedback he received...

What Other Students Have Said... 

"The upside is huge, with virtually no downside. If your landscape photos aren't imbued with a sudden WOW factor as a result of taking this course, all that happens is you get your money back and you're 60 days older."

The Dynamic Landscape Editing Toolkit is $56.95
(Australian Dollars)