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Sounds great - What is it?

Good question - I'm glad you asked!

My "Creative Photography Cookbook" is currently in development and started life as a collection of ideas (or "recipes") to get my dad having fun using his camera more often.

Each "recipe" is like a mini-project that uses a creative way to capture a different kind of photo, delivered in a combination of step by step instructions, and behind the scenes video.

Each recipe starts out by showing you a finished example image, then gives you the exact formula you can follow to re-create it for yourself at (or close to) home, using the camera equipment you already have or is inexpensive to purchase.

(In terms of camera gear... There are a couple of recipes that will require a flash, but the majority require only a DSLR camera, a lens, and a tripod in most cases).

The majority of recipes will focus on in-camera techniques to create "straight out of camera" images with a real wow-factor.

You'll be learning some creative in-camera portrait techniques using regular household items that will leave friends and family members wondering how on earth you did it. 

You're also getting some still life recipes, some abstract photography projects and a handful of recipes for outside the house too (more typical landscape / scenic type images). 

As I mentioned, this is mainly a camera based course, but just for good measure, you'll get a handful of creative Photoshop recipes too - because why not :-)

I'm really excited to be creating these recipes and sharing them with you, I think you'll love them.

Recipe Sneak Peeks:
Here are some example images to illustrate the results of a handful of the recipes you'll be getting in the cookbook. 
No-Flash Smoke Photography
In this recipe you'll learn how to create awesome smoke photography WITHOUT needing an off-camera flash.
Reflective Illusion Product Photography
Here you'll learn how to create the illusion of a reflective surface when photographing objects on a non-reflective table-top surface, all in camera. No Photoshop, no double exposures, no special equipment. This recipe has so many other creative applications from Architectural photos to portraits, and more. 

Without Recipe Effect

WITH Recipe Effect

In-Camera "Insta-Filter" Portrait Recipe
This recipe is a formula for creating in-camera portraits that have a fun matte, filtered effect. Not only does it add a creative dash of colour (a colour of your choosing) but it also has the effect of shifting the black-point in the image to make shadows appear less dark. 

Straight Out Of Camera (Without Recipe)

Straight Out Of Camera (WITH Recipe)

Bokeh-Background Recipe

This is a fun recipe that you can use to give a creative bokeh effect to the background of table-top photographs.

It requires no special camera equipment (only your camera and lens of course), and uses items you probably already have in your house. 

Light Flare Portrait Recipe

This is another fun portrait recipe that creates a cool light flare effect using only your camera and a seasonal household item that you probably already have, but if not costs only a couple of dollars to buy. 

Again, both of the example images below are straight out of camera, the only difference being the first one does not use the recipe and the second one does. 

Straight Out Of Camera (Without Recipe)

Straight Out Of Camera (WITH Recipe)

Dark Background Table-Top Photography

This recipe stands on the shoulders of another in the cookbook to show you how to create tabletop photos that fade to a black background, which is great for photographing light, shiny objects (like glass), and much more. 

The images below are all virtually straight out of camera (except for some minor cropping and white balance adjustments) and were created using no "proper" lighting equipment at all - just a desk lamp and some stuff you probably have laying around at home.

The Illusion of Action

In this recipe I show you how to create a fun "action" shot with an impossibly difficult-to-capture depth of field, wide angle view, fast motion subject - in a single take!

The images below are two examples of this - note the bear and the treat being caught by my pup Archer in perfect, sharp and clear view while he jumps to catch them.

Note: You don't have to have a dog to use this recipe! Think outside the box a little and you can use the same technique for a whole host of different shots. Swinging and hitting a baseball, kicking a football, the sky is the limit :-)

Seamless Background Photography

In this recipe I'm showing a simple way to create a seamless white background to photograph objects against. 

This recipe uses no artificial lighting (flash / studio lights etc). 

The first example below shows the straight-out-of camera seamless background. This makes is super-easy to cut the subject out out for a completely isolated subject against a pure white background.

Even More Examples...

Here's a sneak peek at the results of some of the other recipes included in the cookbook. You'll learn the exact steps and settings required to re-create these images for yourself at home:

Learn how to create ALL these images (and MORE) in the Cookbook.

The Creative Photography Cookbook contains 25 recipes in total (including the examples above)

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